Bootable CD Utilities by reanimatolog - Bootable CD Loader
 Bootable CD Loader v1.50Z
A bootable floppy enabling:
  • Boot from a Bootable CD on computers that do not have the possibility to boot from CD
  • Boot of the CDs Microsoft Windows XP/2000/NT on computers that on the attempt of booting the CD the usual way give out the following error 'CDBOOT: Cannot boot from CD - Code: X'
  • Boot of CDs containing Bootable CD Wizard, Windows PE, BootScriptor, CD Shell, ISOLinux, diskem1x.bin, diskem2x.bin, EasyBoot on computers that do not support the boot mode "No emulation" (these computers can only boot from images of floppies or harddisks)
  • Boot of standard multiboot CDs created with the programs mkisofs, MkBootCD, BootISO on computers that do not support the EL Torito Specification (these computers usually boot to the first entry in the boot options list without displaying the menu)
  • Boot of standard multiboot CDs on computers that only display the boot options 1-9, enabling all options also >9 (some older AWARD BIOS)
 "What's new?"
  • Supports more than one device (e.g. ATAPI), booting can be done from any device
  • TRIES to load the following drivers (if present on the floppy):
    vide-cdd.sys (1)
    usb_cd.sys (3)
    usbaspi.sys + aspicd.sys (3)
    aspi8u2.sys + aspicd.sys (4)
    aspi8dos.sys + aspicd.sys (2)
    aspi7dos.sys + aspicd.sys (4)
    aspi4dos.sys + aspicd.sys (3)
    aspi2dos.sys + aspicd.sys (3)

    (1) - works almost always
    (2) - works sometimes
    (3) - did not work for the author, but may work for you
    (4) - no information
Copyright (c)2004 by reanimatolog.
English translation by Wolfgang Brinkmann
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