Bootable CD Utilities by reanimatolog - F.A.Q. - How to add the bootsector in a Nero 5 project?
 F.A.Q. - How to add the bootsector in a Nero 5 project?
How to add:
In Nero Burning ROM 5 do the following:
  1. Start Nero 5;
  2. Click the button "Close Wizard"
  3. Choose project type bootable CD - "CD-ROM (Boot)"
  4. Go to the card "Boot"
  5. Select in section "Source of image boot data" "Image file"
  6. Navigate to your bootsector file using the "Browse?" button
  7. Select "Enable Expert settings"
  8. In the dropdown box "Kind of emulation" select "No Emulation"
  9. Change the "Numbers of loaded sectors" to "4"
  10. ATTENTION! If you are using the original bootsector of Microsoft Windows XP/2000/NT (NT5BOOT.BIN or NT4BOOT.BIN) go to the card "ISO". In section "Relax ISO Restrictions" you ABSOLUTELY have to enable "Do not add the ';1' ISO file version extension". If you do not do this, you will get the error 'CDBOOT: Couldn't find NTLDR' on startup. If your Nero version does not have this option, use the modified bootsectors NT5BOOTM.BIN or NT4BOOTM.BIN.
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