Bootable CD Utilities by reanimatolog - F.A.Q. - How do I combine different distributions of  Microsoft Windows XP/2000/NT on a Bootable CD?
 F.A.Q. - How do I combine different distributions of  Microsoft Windows XP/2000/NT on a Bootable CD?

  • This is what you need:
    1. \i386 folders from the original Microsoft Windows XP/2000/NT CDs.
    2. Setup files (from each Windows version):
      It is possible to get the files from the distribution,
      but the easiest way is to copy them from the bootdisks of Microsoft Windows XP/2000/NT (all files of the bootdisks are required setup files).
      Attention: Each distribution has it's own set of bootdisks according to the integrated updates, i.e. if your distribution is WinXP SP1 you'll also need the WinXP SP1 bootdisks (not the ones of WinXP).
      Where to get the disks:
      • Bootdisks for Microsoft Windows XP are available on the Microsoft site
      • Bootdisks for Microsoft Windows 2000 can be found on the original Windows 2000 CD-ROM in the subfolder \BOOTDISK
      • Bootdisks for Microsoft Windows NT can be created by executing the command \I386\WINNT.EXE /OX from the NT CD-ROM.
    3. Additionally needed setup identificaton files (for each seperate distribution):
      Windows version
      Necessary files
      2003 Enterprise WIN51 and WIN51IA
      2003 Standard WIN51 and WIN51IS
      2003 Web WIN51 and WIN51IB
      XP Home WIN51 and WIN51IC
      XP Professional WIN51 and WIN51IP
      2000 Professional CDROM_NT.5 and CDROM_IP.5
      2000 Server CDROM_NT.5 and CDROM_IS.5
      2000 Advanced Server CDROM_NT.5 and CDROM_IA.5
      2000 Datacenter Server CDROM_NT.5 and CDROM_ID.5
      NT Workstation CDROM_W.40
      NT Server CDROM_S.40
      NT Terminal Server CDROM_TS.40
    4. If your distribution already contains ServicePacks, or you are using slipstreamed CDs with Service Packs, you'll also need the following setup indentification files (according to the respective ServicePack):
      Service Pack
      Necessary files
      XP Home Service Pack 1 WIN51IC.SP1
      XP Professional Service Pack 1 WIN51IP.SP1
      2000 Service Pack 1 CDROM_SP.TST
      2000 Service Pack 2 CDROMSP2.TST
      2000 Service Pack 3 CDROMSP3.TST
      2000 Service Pack 4 CDROMSP4.TST
    5. The BootManager Bootable CD Wizard

  • How to create the CD?

    1. Create a folder which will contain all the files for your Bootable CD, e.g.:


    2. In this folder, create subfolders for each distribution (e.g. NT_1, NT_2, NT_3) you plan to integrate, e.g.:

    3. Copy the \i386 folders of your distributions the the corresponding folders created above. Attention: Copy the folders, not only their contents. Your folder on should now look similar to this:


    4. Copy the necessary setup files (see above) to the corresponding folders, i.e. the folders also containing \i386:


      Attention: If you are using WinImage to extract the setup files from disk images, make sure you use the option "Extract with pathname", as there is at least one subfolder on the bootdisks (system32).

    5. In the folders NT_?, use a HexEditor (e.g., WinHex) to edit the files SETUPLDR.BIN Replace all occurrences of

      'I386' ...

      ...with 'NT_1' in the file C:\MyBootCD\NT_1\SETUPLDR.BIN
      ...with 'NT_2' in the file C:\MyBootCD\NT_2\SETUPLDR.BIN
      ...with 'NT_3' in the file C:\MyBootCD\NT_3\SETUPLDR.BIN

    6. In the folders NT_?, use a text editor (e.g., Windows Notepad) to edit the files TXTSETUP.SIF. Replace:

      SetupSourcePath = "\" ...

      ...with SetupSourcePath = "\NT_1\" in the file C:\MyBootCD\NT_1\TXTSETUP.SIF
      ...with SetupSourcePath = "\NT_2\" in the file C:\MyBootCD\NT_2\TXTSETUP.SIF
      ...with SetupSourcePath = "\NT_3\" in the file C:\MyBootCD\NT_3\TXTSETUP.SIF

      Attention: On the WinXP bootdisk, the file TXTSETUP.SIF is packed. You will have to delete TXTSETUP.SI_ (imperial) and copy the TEXTSETUP.SIF from your \i386 folder.

    7. In case you have a file BOOTFONT.BIN in the NT_? folders, rename it to FNT.BIN. Use a HexEditor (e.g., WinHex) to edit the files SETUPLDR.BIN. Replace:

      'BOOTFONT.BIN' ...

      ...with 'NT_1\FNT.BIN' in the file C:\MyBootCD\NT_1\SETUPLDR.BIN
      ...with 'NT_2\FNT.BIN' in the file C:\MyBootCD\NT_2\SETUPLDR.BIN
      ...with 'NT_3\FNT.BIN' in the file C:\MyBootCD\NT_3\SETUPLDR.BIN

    8. Now add the complete set of setup identification files (see above)to C:\MyBootCD and to the corresponding  NT_? folders.

      Attention: The setup identification files must be in both folders, C:\MyBootCD (which will be root of the bootable CD) and the NT_? folders (set of setup identification files corresponding to the distribution).

    9. Unpack the archive Bootable CD Wizard to C:\MyBootCD
    10. Edit the file C:\MyBootCD\BootCat.Ini (configuration file of Bootable CD Wizard) and add the locations and descriptions of your distributions:

      \NT_1\SETUPLDR.BIN ; Install Microsoft Windows #1
      \NT_2\SETUPLDR.BIN ; Install Microsoft Windows #2
      \NT_3\SETUPLDR.BIN ; Install Microsoft Windows #3

    11. In your CD writing program, open a new bootable CD project with the following settings:
      Boot image: C:\MyBootCD\bcdwboot.bin
      BootMode: No emulation (without emulation)
      Boot segment (adress): 07c0
      Number of sectors to load: 4
      (detailed howtos: Nero, CDRWin, Easy CD Creator, Instant CD+DVD, WinOnCD, CDImage and mkisofs)
    12. Add the contents of C:\MyBootCD\ to the project
    13. Add your files
    14. Burn the disk.

  • Directory listing of a CD with BootableCDWizard containing russian versions of Microsoft Windows NT Workstation and Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP1:
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